Friday, February 26, 2010

All about metal.

Since I was younger I have always had a love for boxes...anything that I could store stuff in. It didn't matter if they were jewelry boxes or cardboard, I simply loved getting and collecting them. In the past couple years I have found myself drawn to metal boxes. Why? I have no idea but I already have quite a collection and am always looking to expand it. Check out these lovelies....

1950's Metal Lunchbox found on Etsy (It reminds me of an airstream and I giggle) P.S. There is a whole plethora on Etsy...What a treasure trove!

An old Army Amo Can from a surplus store. (I think I am going to make a field trip to one this weekend)

Or these new lovely, bright metal trunks from CB2...decisions, decisions about which color to get.

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