Thursday, October 22, 2009

DIY Ideas

Some of the newest DIY ideas that appeared on Design*sponge are wonderful and I cannot wait to do them for our new house!

First of all check out this pure genius. Recycling old jars, vases, and tins and redoing to make them look like milk glass. All you need is puffy paint and spray paint. Who doesn't love a project with puffy paint?

Next up a curtain/fabric screen made up of felt circles. I have always wanted to make an adorable curtain but somehow everytime I try they just end of looking like a sheet on a wall. I hope this one turns out better for me!

And lastly do you have a bunch of books lying around that you cannot part with. Check out this great idea for upcycling them into a side table. All of the books create such a great pattern and intersting visual. Happy diy-ing!

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