Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Scottish Wedding

Hello our beloved followers. We are back stateside from what was one of the best weddings ever! The venue was beautiful. The bride and groom were stunning. Food was delicious...and of course there were some Perfect Dressipe details that I must share with you. Melissa wanted a touch of handmade elements at her wedding so we embarked on a few things.

First we made her bouquet. A mixture of fabrics, textures and flower styles combined to make one of the most unique weddings bouquets I have ever seen.

Next up, hand-stitched felt table numbers in a variety of colors and patterns. We put these in quilt hoops and just leaned them against the center pieces. Everyone love them!

Melissa also got custom buttons made that not only acted as table placecards and nametags when people wore them, but will be something we will always have to remember this wonderful day.

Melissa also enlisted the help of our lovely friend at Space Cadet Jewelry to create her head piece. A combination of leather, feathers, beads, and vintage-esqe tulle for another one-of-a-kind detyail for her wedding. The tulle was removable so it was perfect for ceremony to reception!

Overall...a HUGE success and we wish Melissa and her new man all the happiness in the world.

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trisha too said...

That bouquet is AMAZING!!