Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekly catch-up...

Daily, I think not, weekly...maybe so.

Monday Muse:
A food blog, The Tomato Tart, has organized a virtual bakesale with the proceeds going to support Sec­ond Har­vest Japan, that nation’s first food bank. How amazing is this blogger?!?! Something that started as her own project to help those in the earthquake and now it has blossomed into something with more than 90 people participating all over the world! The kindness of strangers can be truly inspiring. Purchase your goods on March 30th!
Tuesday Travel:
Let's go to the Pantone Hotel in Brussels. Wouldn't it be fun to request a specific color room. Today I would ask for PMS 397C.
Wednesday Wish:
I wish Phoenix always smelled like orange blossoms. That and the 75-degree weather we had all weekend makes it worthwhile to live in this desert.
Thursday Tidbit:
I heart these garlands and they will instantly brighten your day.
Friday Fashion:
Debating on getting this swimsuit. Such a cute vintage cut

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