Friday, December 4, 2009

My Gocco!

I ordered a Gocco Printer, a Japanese screenprinter that utilizes thermal heat to make the screens, and last night I finally got to try it. I decided to make Christmas cards as my first project and it was so much fun!

First I created my master with the lighthouse which is way easier than any other screenprinting method I have tried (except for the Yudo...any thoughts on that?) I am just so sad that they are discontinuing the Gocco....I guess I better start buying supplies.

After exposing, I selected my inks (brown, red and silver...very holiday-ish) and started applying to the screen. The instructions said to apply the Riso ink-blocking foam to the screen to prevent mixing but I didn't have any sooo I created my own by buying the $0.99 sheets of sticky foam at Michael's. It worked perfectly!

Then I selected my paper and placed it on the sticky pad, which is genius because then your paper never slips around and you get perfect placement. I tried red, white, off-white, green and then a recycled chipboard-ish color. The chipboard one was my favorite.

Press down and ta-da! It took me a few to get the right pressure down but then I was a printing machine. I probably printed over 50 cards last night.

I love how they turned out. I have to now go buy envelopes and write them all. I love my Gocco and it was well worth the purchase, I just wish they would not stop making them. What have you made with your Gocco?

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