Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Styrofoam Ornaments How-To

Because it is December 1st, it is officially the Christmas season and decorating time! Growing up as a kid, my favorite ornament that I HAD to hang up on the tree was this old red ball with gold pins and a tassel that was my grandmother's. I felt I needed to create something as a tribute to my grandmother.

So I got some Styrofoam balls, stick pins with pearly-colored heads and large sequins. Simply stick the pins through the sequin into the ball and ta-da! a sparkly retro-esque ornament.

Some other ornaments I made with the Styrofoam included hot gluing sparkly pom poms all over one. And another that I covered with snowy white yarn and utilized those fabulous felt cut outs with adhesive already on them! I had a blast making my ornaments...do you have any great ornament diy ideas?

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