Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fabric Heaven

This looks like heaven for all the fabricoholics out there. Booths and booths of both fashion and craft fabrics as well as notions and trims galore. I would love to attend a fabric market like this one.. too bad it is in Germany! I haven't ever heard of there being one in the US, but if anyone knows of one... PLEASE let me know!

We just might need to get this going in Phoenix!

These images along with more can be found on by Holly Becker. She was the fortunate one to attend this fabulous market and kind enough to share this little piece of heaven with all of us.


Jodi french said...

wow, that would be fun. My dream was always to open a button shop. Do you remember Windsor Button?

We have a fabric shortage, need more resources!

Abigail Leigh said...

Oh wow, I would def be in heaven too!!!!!! We need that in Baltimore.